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Author's Note

THESE tales were collected by me whilst living in Anglesea during the winter 1891-2.

               With the exception of the French story, they were told me and I took them down at the time.

               Particulars respecting the narratives will be found in the Notes.

               In most cases I have done but little “editing”, preferring to give the stories as told.

               The old book referred to in the Notes I bought from a country bookseller, who knew neither its author, title, or date, but I have since been informed the book is Williams’ Observations on the Snowdon Mountains, published in 1802, a book well known to students of Celtic literature.

               P. H. E.
               CLARINGBOLD, BROADSTAIRS. April 1894.


Bibliographic Information

Tale Title: Author's Note
Tale Author/Editor: Emerson, Peter Henry
Book Title: Welsh Fairy-Tales and Other Stories
Book Author/Editor: Emerson, Peter Henry
Publisher: D. Nutt
Publication City: London
Year of Publication: 1894
Country of Origin: Wales
Classification: Introduction

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