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Why does a cat sit on the doorstep in the sun?

The Story of the Cat, the Mouse and Noah.

WHEN Noah had built the ark, he kept the door wide open for the animals to enter. After they had all gone in, his own family came, and last of all his wife.

               Noah said to her "Come in." She obstinately said "No." Noah again said "Come in." She again said "No." Noah, getting angry, said "Oh, you devil, come in." That was just what the devil was waiting for. He knew that Noah would not allow him to come in otherwise, and so he waited for an invitation, of which he promptly availed himself. Getting into the ark the devil changed himself into a mouse.

               When the devil has nothing to do he weighs his tail. But here he found plenty to do, for, he thought, now is an opportunity of putting an end to the whole of God's creatures. So he started gnawing on one of the planks, trying to make a hole in it. When Noah surprised him at this devilish work he threw his fur glove at him. It turned into a cat, and, in the twinkling of an eye, the mouse was in the mouth of the cat.

               But Noah could not allow the peace of the ark to be broken, the animals had to live in peace with one another. So he seized the cat, with the mouse in her mouth, and flung her out of the ark into the water.

               The cat swam to the ark and, getting hold of the door step, climbed on to the sill and lay down there to bask in the sun.

               There she remained until the water had subsided: and ever since then, the cat likes to lie on the doorstep of the house and bask in the sun.

Bibliographic Information

Tale Title: Why does a cat sit on the doorstep in the sun?
Tale Author/Editor: Gaster, Moses
Book Title: Rumanian Bird and Beast Stories
Book Author/Editor: Gaster, Moses
Publisher: Sidgwick & Jackson
Publication City: London
Year of Publication: 1915
Country of Origin: Romania
Classification: unclassified

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