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To T. L-----.

DEAR ----

               Some time ago, during a conversation about Basutoland, you suggested that I should write an account of the country and its inhabitants, and were kind enough to give me many valuable hints as to how I should collect and arrange my information.

               As you know, we came out to South Africa in January, 1891, and went up to Basutoland in the following April.

               We both liked the country from the first, and I soon became interested in the people. To enable myself to understand them better, I began to study the language, which I can now speak fairly well.

               The fact of my husband being a Government official gave me many opportunities of acquiring information, and, as we have been moved about from one station to another, having had six "homes" in the ten years of our sojourn there, I have naturally seen a considerable portion of the country, and come in contact with many different specimens of the Basuto race. I have made a practice of visiting the different villages, and of seeing as much as possible of the inner life of the people, with the result that I have at length put my impressions on paper, in the hope that they may be found of some value to those who take an interest in native habits and customs.

               For the kind help and encouragement I have received from you, I am deeply grateful, and hope you will allow me to dedicate to you this small volume, which, without your aid, would never have been written.

               To those who have most kindly helped me with information, I tender my grateful thanks.

               MINNIE MARTIN.

Bibliographic Information

Tale Title: Dedication
Tale Author/Editor: Martin, Minnie
Book Title: Basutoland: Its Legends and Customs
Book Author/Editor: Martin, Minnie
Publisher: Nichols & Co.
Publication City: London
Year of Publication: 1903
Country of Origin: Lesotho
Classification: Introduction

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