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NOTE: The Sermons included in the original book have been omitted from this online collection.

Fairy Tales

I THINK that their quaintness is a sufficient apology for the following little children's stories. With the exception of that of the "Elves and the Envious Neighbour," which comes out of a curious book on etymology and proverbial lore, called the Kotowazagusa, these stories are found printed in little separate pamphlets, with illustrations, the stereotype blocks of which have become so worn that the print is hardly legible. These are the first tales which are put into a Japanese child's hands; and it is with these, and such as these, that the Japanese mother hushes her little ones to sleep. Knowing the interest which many children of a larger growth take in such Baby Stories, I was anxious to have collected more of them. I was disappointed, however, for those which I give here are the only ones which I could find in print; and if I asked the Japanese to tell me others, they only thought I was laughing at them, and changed the subject. The stories of the Tongue-cut Sparrow, and the Old Couple and their Dog, have been paraphrased in other works upon Japan; but I am not aware of their having been literally translated before.

Bibliographic Information

Tale Title: Fairy Tales
Tale Author/Editor:
Book Title: Tales of Old Japan UNDER CONSTRUCTION
Book Author/Editor: Freeman-Mitford, Algernon Bertram
Publisher: Macmillan and Co.
Publication City: London
Year of Publication: 1910
Country of Origin: Japan
Classification: Introduction

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