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Fishpond of St. Francis, The (La Pescheria di San Francesco)


ST. FRANCIS had a little fishpond, where he kept some gold and silver fish as a pastime.

               Some bad people wanted to vex him, and they went and caught these poor little fish and fried them, and sent them up to him for dinner.

               But St. Francis when he saw them knew that they were his gold fish, and made the sign of the cross over them, and blessed them, and soon they became alive again, and he took them and put them back into the fishpond, and no one durst touch them again after that.



[1] 'La Pescheria di San Francesco.' Pescheria, see p. 45. Many Italian convents are provided with such.

Bibliographic Information

Tale Title: Fishpond of St. Francis, The (La Pescheria di San Francesco)
Tale Author/Editor: Busk, Rachel Harriette
Book Title: Roman Legends: A Collection of the Fables and Folk-lore of Rome
Book Author/Editor: Busk, Rachel Harriette
Publisher: Estes and Lauriat
Publication City: Boston
Year of Publication: 1877
Country of Origin: Italy
Classification: unclassified

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