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Haunted Mill, The

THERE was a haunted mill, and, dear me, what was it like! A rope-dancer came there with some monkeys. In the evening the Waternick came with a basketful of fishes. He made a fire and fried the fishes. Meanwhile the monkeys had been sitting behind the stove, but when the Nick put the fishes in the pan and was tasting whether they were done, the monkeys came from behind the stove, and one of them put its paw into the pan. The man smacked him over the paw and said: "Get away, pussy! You didn't catch them, so don't eat them." And the monkey ran away.

               After awhile comes another monkey and puts his paw in the pan. He smacked him too and said the same. But the rope-dancer had a bear, too, which was lying under the table all the time; and, when he heard the Waternick speak, he came from under the table, ran straight to the pan, and put his paw into it. The Waternick did the same to him as he had done to the monkeys. But the bear couldn't stand that. He sprang upon the poor Waternick and gave him a good beating. The Waternick had to run off, leaving the fishes behind. He didn't haunt the mill any more, and that's how they got rid of him.


Josef Kubín, Povídky kladské, i., ii. (in “Národopisný věstník českoslovanský”).

Bibliographic Information

Tale Title: Haunted Mill, The
Tale Author/Editor: Kubín, Josef
Book Title: Czech Folk Tales
Book Author/Editor: Baudis, Josef
Publisher: George Allen & Unwin Ltd.
Publication City: London
Year of Publication: 1917
Country of Origin: Czech Republic
Classification: unclassified

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