Folk-Lore and Legends: Scotland | Annotated Tale

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Prefatory Note

THE distinctive features of Scotch Folk-lore are such as might have been expected from a consideration of the characteristics of Scotch scenery. The rugged grandeur of the mountain, the solemn influence of the widespreading moor, the dark face of the deep mountain loch, the babbling of the little stream, seem all to be reflected in the popular tales and superstitions.  The acquaintance with nature in a severe, grand, and somewhat terrible form must necessarily have its effect on the human mind, and the Scotch mind and character bear the impress of their natural surroundings.  The fairies, the brownies, the bogles of Scotland are the same beings as those with whom the Irish have peopled the hills, the nooks, and the streams of their land, yet how different, how distinguished from their counterparts, how clothed, as it were, in the national dress!

Bibliographic Information

Tale Title: Prefatory Note
Tale Author/Editor: Anonymous
Book Title: Folk-Lore and Legends: Scotland
Book Author/Editor: Anonymous
Publisher: W. W. Gibbings
Publication City: London
Year of Publication: 1889
Country of Origin: Scotland
Classification: Introduction

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