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Guide to Graduate Studies in Folklore

SurLaLune frequently receives inquiries about graduate school programs in folklore. Here is a summary of some of the most frequently recommended sources for researching the topic as well as links to archived discussions on the
SurLaLune Discussion Board

List of Folklore Programs in the U.S.

These are provided in alphabetical order. If you know of others I should list here, please feel free to contact me at the address listed at the bottom of this page.

SurLaLune does not endorse one particular program. I recommend that you research each for yourself and contact the departments to learn if a program will best suit your needs and desires.

George Mason University - Folklore

Harvard University - Folklore and Mythology Program

Indiana University, Bloomington - The Folklore Institute

Ohio State University - Center for Folklore Studies

University of California, Berkeley - Department of Folklore

University of California, LA - Folklore and Mythology Department

University of Louisiana, Lafayette - Folklore Studies

University of North Carolina - Curriculum in Folklore

University of Oregon - Folklore Program

University of Pennsylvania - Folklore & Folklife Program RECENTLY DISCONTINUED

University Of Texas At Austin - Graduate Concentration in Folklore and Public Culture within the Department of Anthropology

University of Wisconsin - Folklore Program

Utah State University - Department of English: Folklore Program

Western Kentucky University - Program in Folk Studies

List of Folklore Programs in the Canada

Memorial University - Graduate Studies in Folklore

The University of British Columbia - Interdisciplinary Master's Program in Children's Literature (several students choose a folklore and fairy tale emphasis)

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I highly recommend the biannual Marvels and Tales journal for any students of folklore.


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