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Guide to Graduate Studies in Folklore

SurLaLune frequently receives inquiries about conferences and other events in folklore. This is an eclectic mix of annual and once only conferences and conventions that may be of interest to SurLaLune's visitors.

If you have information to submit about an event, please contact me at the address provided at the bottom of the page.

Academic Conferences

Mythic Journeys: Held in Atlanta, Georgia every other year, this conference focuses on the philosophies of Joseph Campbell.

Conference on Modern Critical Approaches to Children’s Literature: Held in Nashville, TN every other year and sponsored by the MTSU English Department.


DragonCon: Held in Atlanta, Georgia every year over Labor Day weekend. One of the largest conventions in the country, some of the many themed-tracks offer fairy tale and folklore related panels.

World Fantasy Convention: LASTSFA is dedicated to promoting science fiction and literacy through their annual convention.

Wiscon: Held in Madison, Wisconsin every year over Memorial Day weekend. The event is the world's leading feminist science fiction convention.

Faires and Festivals





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