Indian Cinderella by George Sheringham

Canadian Wonder Tales by Cyrus MacMillan

The Northern Lights by George Sheringham

Canadian Wonder Tales
by Cyrus MacMillan

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Table of Contents



The Baker's Magic Wand

Star-Boy and the Sun Dance

Jack and His Magic Aids

The Bad Indian's Ashes

The Mermaid of the Magdalenes

The Boy and the Dancing Fairy

The Mouse and the Sun

Glooskap's Country

How Rabbit Lost His Tail

The Partridge and His Drum

How Summer Came to Canada

How Turtle Came

The First Mosquito

The Moon and His Frog-Wife

Glooskap and the Fairy

The Passing of Glooskap

The Indian Cinderella

The Boy and His Three Helpers

The Duck with the Red Feet

The Northern Lights

The Boy and the Robbers' Magical Booty

The Coming of the Corn

The Dance of Death

The First Pig and Porcupine

The Shrove Tuesday Visitor

The Boy of Great Strength and the Giants

The Strange Tale of Caribou and Moose

Jack and His Wonderful Hen

The Sad Tale of Woodpecker and Bluejay

The Stupid Boy and the Wand

The Blackfoot and the Bear

The Boys and the Giant

The text came from:

MacMillian, Cyrus. Canadian Wonder Tales. London: John Lane, The Bodley Head, 1918. Buy the book in paperback.

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