Black-Backed Jackal (Canis Mesomelas), Hwange National Park,Matabeleland North, Zimbabwe

South African Folk-Tales by James A. Honey

Lion by by Keith Levit (photographer)

South African Folk-Tales
by James A. Honey


Origin of the Difference in Modes of Life Between Hottentots and Bushmen

The Lost Message

The Monkey's Fiddle

The Tiger, the Ram, and the Jackal

The Jackal and the Wolf

A Jackal and a Wolf

The Lion, the Jackal, and the Man

The World's Reward

The Lion and the Jackal


The Lion and Jackal [I]

The Lion and Jackal [II]

The Hunt of Lion and Jackal

The Story of Lion and Little Jackal

The Lioness and the Ostrich

Crocodile's Treason

The Story of a Dam

The Dance For Water or Rabbit's Triumph

Jackal and Monkey

Lion's Share

Jackal's Bride

The Story of Hare

The White Man and Snake

Another Version of the Same Fable


Lion's Illness

Jackal, Dove, and Heron

Cock and Jackal

Elephant and Tortoise

Another Version of the Same Fable

Tortoises Hunting Ostriches

The Judgment of Baboon

Lion and Baboon

The Zebra Stallion

When Lion Could Fly

Lion Who Thought Him Self Wiser Than His Mother

Lion Who Took A Woman's Shape

Why Has Jackal a Long, Black Stripe On His Back?

Horse Cursed By Sun

Lion's Defeat

The Origin of Death

Another Version of the Same Fable

A Third Version of the Same Fable

A Fourth Version of the Same Fable

A Zulu Version of the Legend of the "Origin of Death"

Literature on South African Folk-Lore

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Literature on South African Folk-Lore

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The text came from:

Honey, James A. South African Folk-tales. New York: Baker & Taylor Company, 1910.

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